Mt Napier

Large and very distinct volcano comprising a breached scoria cone, extensive lava flows, some parasitic eruption points and excellent spatter ramparts on its well developed crater. With surrounding lava flows (including the spectacular Harman Valley flow) and lava caves, the Mt Napier area represents one of Victoria's best preserved and most evocative volcanic landscapes. Visitors can climb to the summit via a public walking track

The date of Mt Napier used to be set at 7300 years ago based on radio carbon dating of local swamp formation, making it possibly Victoria's youngest volcano. However, more recent isotopic dating of the surface rocks of the Harman valley flow gave an age of that flow of 32,000 years. There may have been multiple eruptions at different dates. The features certainly look very young compared to other Victorian volcanoes.

Western Victoria, 25km south of Hamilton and 300km west of Melbourne
Last Eruption: 
Current estimate approx 32,000 years ago
Public land. Access via the Port Fairy-Hamilton. Turn left at Murroa-Buckley Swamp Rd and follow the signposts to the car park . From there it is an hour's walk to the crater rim