Red Rock (Alvie)

The complex is made up of approximately 30 eruption points and is the Southern most of a chain of three volcanoes, the others being Warrion Hill and Alvie Hill. It is arguably the youngest eruption point in Victoria at around 8000 years, especially since the age of Mt Napier has been progressively pushed back.

The highest point (on the Northern side) has many interesting features, including some awesome spatter ramparts. Driving around the rim to the south, you can also see layered tuff. There are some good views out to Lake Corangamite and the lava flows (probably from Warrion Hill) can be seen where they have entered the lake.  


Red Rock is one of Victoria's most spectacular volcanic sites and a must to visit.   It is a great pity that most of it is in private land, as it would make a great park.  Currently there is access to two lookout points with some interpretive information. There are many other volcanic features in the wider area, and a drive North takes you through classic stony rises country, which are lava flows from Warrion Hill. 

Volcanic Complex
South of Alvie, Victoria
Last Eruption: 
8000 years ago
Mostly private land, but there is an access road and some interpretive signage